Dr. Abhey Bansal is the founder of AB Bansal Music. A successful businessman Dr. Bansal has shown the world, how to make it large when you have a very little. Initially he started with just a couple of hundred dollars in his pocket. He had big dreams though. Dreams to conqor the world. And the man made himself achieve it through sheer hard work and passion. An entrepreneur who has left his foot prints around the globe successfully, Dr. Abhey Bansal has a very kind heart. He has helped many others to achieve their dream too. A philanthropist by nature, Abhey Bansal is the proud owner of six budget hotels in delhi and soon launching a range of electric vehicles in India. The environmentalist Abhey Bansal keeps doing his bit for the nature and the society to make it a better place. He founded, ‘Sewa Bharti Jan Kalyan Foundation’ through which he keeps doing the social work. Having achieved almost everything a person can dream of, he took an interesting initiative. He found the seed of music in his heart and turned it into a beautiful tree which is AB Bansal Music now. An NRI, Dr. Bansal, who has been garnered with so many awards and accolades including the ‘Global Gandhi Award’ by British Parliament in 2022, ‘Best CSR professional Award’ by United Nations and a Doctorate from ESRDS University, has now committed himself to music. A Guiness World Record holder for strategic logistic management, Dr. Bansal wants to create some extraordinary piece of works which can be remembered by the generations to come through his venture AB Bansal Music.


A passionate environmentalist, Dr Shyna Sunsara is the co-producer at AB Bansal Music. Winner of Miss. India earth 2017 and Miss. United nations 2018 Shyna grew up in a Military Milieu. She was so attracted by the armed force of India that she wanted to join Indian Army initially. However, destiny had different plans for her. As she grew up, she started understanding the growing pain of the people, the society and the nature around her. It made an impact on her kind heart and she immediately decided to stop chasing her dream and make world a better place for all the living beings. A fashion designer and an International model Shyna started travelling the world and doing her bit for the environment. She recieved many awards for her services to the society and nature including a doctorate degree for community services from Global Peace University of New York, Dada Saheb Phalke award and Global Gandhi award in British Parliament, London. Her main motto in life is to protect the environment by creating a world where environment doesn’t need protecting. She planted a hundred thousand trees only in 2017-18 and the number has only grew up since then. She keeps doing awareness camps on the importance of cleaning the oceans, planting more and more trees and educate people how to reduce carbon print etc. She believes music to be a healer for the society as well the best way to meditate, so she has committed herself in the creation of music from last couple of years and will continue to do so through her venture AB Bansal Music.


Dr. Sarthak Bansal, MBBS, is the Director of the AB group and Managing Director of Ab Bansal Music. When it comes to music, Dr. Sarthak fell in love with it when he was a kid only. Music has been an integral part of his life since then. It has been like his companion through difficult as well happy times. Although, he chose medical science as a subject of interest and currently pursuing dermatology, he always wanted to give something back to the musical world. And this led him to co-found AB Bansal Music along with his father Dr. Abhey Bansal. Apart from music, he is a travel enthusiast. He loves to visit new places and meet new people. It gives him the opportunity to explore and understand nature as well see different culture. He has already travelled to many countries and wants to go around the globe and see the versatalities nature has created. Dr. Sarthak Bansal likes playing sport especially Tennis and Chess. Being a Medical science professional himself as well a music lover, he believes that music heals and so, he has committed himself to produce some beautiful music through this venture. At AB Bansal Music, he himself works closely with the team to get the best result